Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Tree bought ornaments

Well I didn't think I'd get much done on the tree so I wimped out and bought a bunch of ornaments for it. Now I'm busy making ornaments too. I found in some of my fall/halloween decorations when I was putting halloween away, some fall leaves so I put those in the tree. At 99cent store, I found some great beaded foam pumpkins. At Family Dollar, I found some glittered apple ornaments. Remember those little apple ornaments that you used to get in elementary school at christmas from your teacher. Well they make them in glitter in red and gold now. I bought one pack of gold and one of red for $1.00 each. I also found some ornaments at Lowes. So basically, my tree looks decorated from the front, LOL. I'll keep making ornaments for it the rest of this week. I think the tree is turning out better than I expected. I wasn't sure how a white tree would look with fall ornaments on it, but it looks good.

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