Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First Post

I thought I would post a first post here. The boys are home today with a stomach virus, ick! So I decided today was a good day to set up my blog. Halloween is over and I finally got 95% of the decorations put up. I made a Halloween tree this year. I used a white Christmas tree and decorated with mostly black, white & silver ornaments. I think it turned out really well. I'll post it later. So instead of taking down the tree, leaving it empty or decorating it for Christmas early, I've decided to create a Thanksgiving/Harvest tree instead. I'm loving this idea so much I may try to keep the tree up all year and decorate it for different holidays/season. I'm not sure how my husband will like that though, LOL.

I've been in a crafting slump the last 2 years because I've been sick. Between anxiety and anemia, I didn't have the will or energy to do much. But since my meds kicked in and I got a transfusion (4 bags worth of blood and was still anemic when I left the hospital) this summer, I've felt like a new woman. And of course, I've been crafting my heart out ever since. I haven't been reading as much lately though. Hard to do both, LOL. Now I've got so many craft ideas, I don't have enough time to create everything. Isn't that usually the case......

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