Thursday, November 8, 2007

Eek! Spiders

His pic is a little fuzzy, sorry.

Large wooden beads
smaller wooden balls
pipe cleaners in halloween colors
black paint
paint brush
strong glue, I used Goop, but you could use a high melt hot glue gun
craft glue or school glue


Take a wooden bead and a smaller wooden ball and glued them together with a strong glue.
Then paint the spider bodies black.
I found some really cool pipe cleaners in Halloween colors to use as the legs. Take 2 pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Thread them through the wooden bead until the pipe cleaners were sticking out evenly on both sides.
Put a small amount of craft glue or school glue in the hole to secure the pipe cleaners. Let the glue dry and then shape the legs.

You can place these around or you can add string and hang them from a tree branches or light fixtures, etc. These would be great to do with kiddos as long as an adult glued the wooden pieces together first. You do have to do it in stages though, there is alot of waiting for glue and paint to dry.

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