Monday, June 5, 2017

Specialty Dice Bags

Here some of the specialty dice bags that I have done and can do again.


Wookie, I have an open mouth and closed mouth design.:

Still on the embroidery machine with the stabilizer still on it:


Severed Goblin Heads  2 styles, with and without the bloody neck stump:

Monster bag with teeth and tongue, this was a custom for someone but it turned out soo cute:

And an original design that I like to call My Furry Friends:

The Tardis:

Origami bags.  These bags are reversible.  When you reverse it, the flap will be on the inside.  Depending on how I sew them, the pockets could be on the inside or the outside:

Round multi pocket bags either with our without ruffle.  Or as I like to say, with a ruffle or a pucker.  The ruffled bag holds less than the puckered bag.  The inside circle on the ruffle is smaller and there is more fabric on the edge.

 Puckered Bag:


  Ruffled Bag:

If you have any questions or you would like a custom, email me at

What I've been up to?!?!?

I have had a whole lot of life happen.  I started focusing on my business.  I am sewing dice bags for gamers now.  I love doing this.  I get to go to conventions and meet great people. 

I have also been doing artwork, string art, jewelry and more.  Here are some pictures of various conventions I've gone to (Or stores who featured me as a local artisan) in no particular order:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My apologies for ignoring my blog for the last year.  I've had some medical problems that left me with little energy.  I'm hoping that will change soon.  In the meantime, I've been doing a little food storage and reading ALOT!  I've also been gardening this year, so I hope to get some of those pictures up soon.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh life and ye cruel fate!

Well if you have noticed I haven't posted in well over a year.  We had a whole lot of life happen here.  I haven't done a whole lot of craft projects over the last year either and of course the stuff I did get done, there are no pictures for it.  I will try to do better this year.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!!!

I don't know what it is this year, but my oldest has had to dress up more this year than any other year. Actually I don't think he has ever HAD to dress up before. Well when I started all these, I didn't want to "buy" anything to make any of the costumes . I only wanted to use what was in my stash already. So far, so good. I also seemed to do all of this without a pattern of anykind. I used newpaper and made a pattern on his body for the second and third costumes.

Round 1 - Well for literacy night he was supposed to dress up as the main character in the book he chose. He chose Mark Twain. He didn't tell us that he wanted to dress up until 4pm. He needed to be at school by 5:45. We still had to go to piano, which took an hour. Talk about freak out. I called my MIL and got her to buy a button up shirt and a can of white hair spray. I sewed up a 3/4 length shirt of mine and turned it into a jacket with felt lapels. I made a bushy mustache with felt and yarn and double stick taped it onto his face. Well miracle of miracles, we did it. It was rushed and chaotic but it worked. I didn't get a pic of him in his Mark Twain gear, but it was cute. He wasn't required to dress up for that, but he really wanted to. We've since discussed, letting someone know before the night of, or even the day before, ... try and give mom a week's notice please, LOL.

Round 2 - Gift and Talented project prop. My son had to dress up as part of his travel project. he had to dress in a traditional Greek outfit. Well, we fudged this a bit. We looked online and found most of the traditional dress was big flowy shirts with a sash around the waist, a decorated vest and some weird shaped pants. The idea wasn't to exactly recreate something, but just to give the feel, so we decided to skip the pants. I made a vest out of wool felt I had laying around. I made a flowy pirate style tied shirt out of off white cotton (thin muslin). And the sash was simply black flannel. I didn't get a picture of him with it on project day, but here it is from yesterday before I had to modify the shirt:
He wore a white shirt under it on project day and some nicer pants, but you get the idea of what he looked like.

Round 3 - Colonial play. Tomorrow he is going to be dressed up as a colonial townperson. I reused the shirt I made for his project and added fabric and lace to the sleeves. I added some hook and eyes to the neckline to make the head hole smaller. I added some snaps to the front on either side of the tie slit. I added a weird fabric and lace bib type thing (what the heck is that anyway) that snaps onto the front. That finished the shirt reconstruction. The hat is a pirate hat that I bought for the boys when they were little for playing dress up. I just covered the skull and crossbones with a fabric patch that I safety pinned on. The green knickers and coatvest are made of flannel. I cheated and used my snap press instead of buttons on the coatvest. He's going to use a pair of white knee high socks that I had in my sock drawer. Who cares if they are textured. And a pair of black shoes (those are new but he needed some dress shoes anyway) that I painted thin cardboard from a cereal box and added with double stick tape to. Wow, that took all day to do. I really didn't expect it to take so long. Well here he is:



I think it turned out great.

Now I don't *think* he will have anymore costumes this year that I will have to make. Funny thing is, I didn't make his Halloween costume this year. He used the same store bought costume as last year. LOL.

Icicle spirals out of tp rolls!!!

I saw this video on youtube:
and was inspired to make some icicle spiral ornaments from toilet paper rolls. However, I didn't like the thickness of the ornament she made and I wanted mine tapered. I was able to make 4 icicles out of 1 toilet paper roll. I didn't add the beads or bows that she did in her tutorial and I used paint. I think they turned out well.

Here are my first attempts:



As you can see, the shapes are irregular and they don't all curl well. Well when you are cutting open the toilet paper roll along the seam, there is an overlap area of about 1/4" to 1/2" that you need to cut off or that piece won't curl well (as you can see in the second from the left in both of the top 2 pictures). I also came up with a way to cut the icicles so they all look somewhat uniform in size. I also used a thin hole punch in the top of the ornament and strung metallic red cord in the holes to hang.

Here is what I came up with:



1. Paint several layers. Don't try to coat the cardboard with one layer, it won't coat evenly. Paint a primer, gesso or base coat before painting your final color. Metallic or pearly topcoats look really good on these, but even those may take a few layers to get a good coat.
2. If using glitter, paint the glitter area a coordinating color first.
3. Try to use micro or ultra fine glitter. I don't think chunky glitter will look as good on these.
4. Reshape (curl) the icicles while the paint is not quite set. Basically when its dry to the touch but still really cool/cold, the icicle is more flexible during that time.

I might do a step by step tutorial if there is any interest.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sara's Spirit Scarfs

My oldest niece is in her first year of college at Sam Houston State. Their colors are orange, blue and white so I decided to make her some spirit scarfs for her birthday. I found a spool of thin yarn at Goodwill of all places that was in those colors. So I used it by itself and with others to make a bunch of skinny scarves that can be used together or by themselves. I also used blue fun fur, some white fuzzy yarn, and some cheap acrylic yarn from my stash (odd bits that my mom had picked up at a garage sale and gave me).



I made a total of 6 in different lengths and patterns. Some were crocheted, one was done on a knitting spool and one was knitted. The result was fun, I think.