Thursday, October 11, 2018

New items for Dim

So over the summer Dim of Dim n' Wit the Fairy Brothers had his costume suitcase stolen out of his car.  Luckily, he didn't have his shirts in the case, but he did lose a lot of his costume pieces.  I made him a few things to replace what he had.

Dim wears flags on his belt.  He lost all of his flags, so I made him some more.  I used my serger to add cool decorative thread called wooly nylon to the edges.



Here are some hats I made him until I can sew him some.  The rectangle things on the bottom are fingerless gloves.

The other side:

Hand Modeling for ya!  

Outside Halloween Decor

Here is the front of my house from the neighbor's yard across the street.  The 2 pumpkins in front by the road lite up when I remember to put batteries in them.

Here is the right side of the yard.  You can see some of the skeleton flamingos I got from the 99cents Only store.  

The Left side of the yard with more flamingos.  I think I might need more flamingos, what do you think?  

Daytime shot of the witch's cauldron.  This is on the left side of my door.

A close up of the new wreath I made this year.  It looks better than this in person, LOL.  I used all Dollar Tree items to make the wreath.  I attached the sign afterwards.  This sign is one that I've had for years, I don't remember where it came from.

A picture of my front door.  Its kinda blurry but I love it.  The big black pumpkins and little black pumpkins on either side of the door are from Target.  They are plastic trick or treat containers.  The white ones used to be orange until I painted them white.  I didn't like the smile on them so I turned the face towards the back.  The two orange pumpkins on the porch lights are just old trick or treat pumpkins I cut up and put over the lights.  I saw it on Pinterest here:

Here it is, all lit up at night.  I love the way it looks.  I took this picture before the white pumpkins were dry, but you get the idea.

More Halloween Decor

So here is the updated look for my Halloween tree.  I added some flower.  I got some peach and burgundy hydrangea flowers from Michaels yesterday.  The peach ones were spring décor leftovers and were 90% off, the burgundy ones were 60% off one day only, they are now 50% off this week. 

Here is our table.  I just collected a few items around the house.  I already had the placemats and Jack Skellington goblet.  The pumpkins were from Dollar Tree and Walmart this year.  The light orange hydrangea flowers were more that I got from Michaels' at 60% off yesterday.  The black spiderweb lace placemat on the lazy suzan was from the 99 cent only store.  I cut it down so that it would fit it the spiderweb would fit on it.

Here is a close up of the lazy susan.  

Here is the back side of the lazy susan.  If you notice the vase isn't full of filler, that is actually a scarf I got from the Dollar Tree.  I forgot to put the salt and pepper shakers back before I took the picture.

Here is our bar.  I added the "Dracula's Pub" sign that I got many years ago.  The wooden cage in the front holds a skeleton owl.

Finally I decorated for Halloween again, LOL - Here is the inside.

So its been a while.  I finally decorated for Halloween again this year.  I didn't do a lot.  Its been hard to work out that balance between running a home based business/crafting and doing things around the house.  Without further ado...Here is the bookshelf in my living room:

You will notice that my decorations have changed quite a bit.  Well, I decided to do a purge of my Halloween décor.  Don't worry I kept more than what is in the picture but not much more.  I did get rid of most of my apothecary pieces.  I decided it was time for a change.

Here is my Halloween tree.  This poor "white" Christmas tree started off life bright white.  After spending some time in the attic next to the roof, it turned this awesome antique white.  But alas, its on its last legs and this will be its final Halloween (it sheds too much now).  I went kind of lite on the decorations this year and since I took these pictures I've added some burgundy and light orange flowers to the tree.  Sorry the pictures are so awful, I'm crafty in many ways, but not photos, LOL.

A Closeup of the top of the tree.  I used a mask as the topper.  I found it at 99 cent only store.

A view of under the tree.  Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins.  

My mantel, well all I did was add the "Boo" sign.  Yep that is what my mantel looks like normally, LOL.  We are a bunch of geeks around here.

Our side table/shelves...Some of the items on display are there all year round, some are just for Halloween.  Which do you think are in which catergory?

Well that was all I did inside.  I kept it pretty simple, using bigger, simpler items.  What you don't see in the picture is the hot mess that is all around the decorations.  Right now my living room is also my storage room for my business while we move things around in the house.  But I was determined to decorate this year and enjoy the season.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Dim n Wit the Fairy Brothers

Here in the Houston area we have 2 local celebraties.....Dim n Wit The Fairy Brothers.  I am lucky enough to be friends with both of the guys and have been make parts of Dim's costumes for the past couple of years.

They go to most of the local conventions and Ren Fairs and charities.  The Brothers have big hearts and give out free hugs to any who want them.  They have even been in the media:
Houston Chronicle:

Here are some of the shirts and other items I've made for Dim:


   (sorry its blurry)



Here is Dim in one of the shirts:

I am so glad that I get to help keep these characters going even if it is only a small part.  Each shirt takes me about 2 1/2 days to do.  Dim picks and buys his own fabrics and I get to turn them into fairy magic.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Specialty Dice Bags

Here some of the specialty dice bags that I have done and can do again.


Wookie, I have an open mouth and closed mouth design.:

Still on the embroidery machine with the stabilizer still on it:


Severed Goblin Heads  2 styles, with and without the bloody neck stump:

Monster bag with teeth and tongue, this was a custom for someone but it turned out soo cute:

And an original design that I like to call My Furry Friends:

The Tardis:

Origami bags.  These bags are reversible.  When you reverse it, the flap will be on the inside.  Depending on how I sew them, the pockets could be on the inside or the outside:

Round multi pocket bags either with our without ruffle.  Or as I like to say, with a ruffle or a pucker.  The ruffled bag holds less than the puckered bag.  The inside circle on the ruffle is smaller and there is more fabric on the edge.

 Puckered Bag:

  Ruffled Bag:

If you have any questions or you would like a custom, email me at