Sunday, June 15, 2008

Woodworking and stuff

Well I've been pretty busy. I need to post some pictures. I made 2 pairs of wrap pants for me and a ton of teacher appreciation gifts. I need to get pictures of the wrap pants still, but I got the fabric at MalWart in the $2.00/yard fabric section. So the pants only cost me $5.00/pair.

I've been reading alot lately too. If you haven't read The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward, you must read it. Its excellent. Its a paranormal romance series that is based on vampires as a seperate species. You must read it in order. She just released the 6th book in the series... Lover Enshrined. Other noteworthy books I've read lately are One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost, Midnight Rising by Laura Adrian, The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur, Vampire Interupted by Lynsay Sands, etc..... Yep I love books. Those are just some of the paperbooks I've read recently. I've also been reading some e-books.

Anyway I think I'm about ready to start some woodworking projects. I want to make a beanbag toss for the boys. I'm thinking about doing some woodburning on it, I might make it a skull and crossbones. I also want to make some chairs for outside. I've found some great patterns for some simple chairs:

I just need to go through them all and figure out what directions/dementions I like the best. I found a fabulous site for free woodworking patterns.

And since I'm sharing, LOL, check out this absolutely awesome shelving unit.
I wish I had known about it in college. I think they look way better than the old stand by of wood and cinder blocks. I like this other one too:

I've been completely stuck on instructables lately. Its amazing what information you can find on that site. I love the steampunk crafts I've found. I might just have to do the boys room to mimic a steampunk-esque room. We'll see. Anyway, you'd think I'd have updated this before now since I've been on the computer alot lately, but I just forgot and got busy doing other things. I'll try to take some garden pic updates soon too.