Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween Table and other crafts

Not only did I create a Halloween tree, I also created a Halloween table.


I'm going to start from left to right on the table. In the back you can see bark and pine cones. We just found those out of the yard. I've had them for a few years now. I just put them up and pull them out when I need them. We found them after the last hurricane we had come though here.

The Elegant cone trees: I found the cones and glass candle stick holders at DollarTree. I painted the cone black then after the paint dried, I glued them onto the candle holder. I think they turned out great and look very sophisticated.


The Zombie Girl Doll: I made her with no pattern (and unfortunately I didn't write one as I went). I crocheted her body, stockings and bodice. I used crochet thread for hair. I made a felt flower for her hair. I used felt and embroidery floss for her eyes. I stitched on her mouth. And I found some perfect fabric for her dress in my fabric stash.

The Silver Candle Sticks: This was a great find from Goodwill. 2 candlesticks for $2.99.

Flower topped Urns: I originally made the flower balls for the tree, but they looked too big for it, so I put them on top of these urns that I found at The 99 Cent Store. I bought the flowers and foam balls at Dollar Tree. I then spray painted them lightly black just like I did for my wreath (check out those instructions).

Owls: Another great find from Goodwill. I found these for $.79 each. The bronze colored one was originally bronze and white (which looked icky) so I hit it with some black paint and wiped it off the gold areas and it turned out awesome. The white owl is ceramic, the other is plaster.

The Zombie Heads: I just had to have some on my table . I've got directions for making them elsewhere.

The Wooden Cat: Another great Goodwill find. Yep I keep my eye out for great stuff like this. We try to go there once every couple of weeks for book hunting and of course we look around for other treasures as well. The cat was only $3.99. It has a little wear, but I think its great. I haven't decided but I may paint it black next year, or I may simple refinish it.

Now for what's not on the table:


I made the spider web using sticks out of the yard and white crochet thread. I just drilled some holes in the branches to secure the thread then just did a lot of knotting.

And one more ornament, the skull and crossbones:


I found some small wooden skull and cross bones for half off at Joann's. I spent a whooping 12 cents each. I bought 8, to make 4 ornaments. I painted the black areas and the edges. I painted some highlights white. I glued a piece of ribbon in a loop on the back of one for the hanger. Then I glued two of the wooden pieces together.

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