Friday, November 30, 2007

Sick again, sick again

Poor Gavin. My poor baby boy is sick again. He went to bed Wednesday night with a fever of 101.1 degree so needless to say he went right to sleep. He woke up at 1:00 am, Thursday morning with a 105 degree fever. Not only that but he was screaming as if he was in pain and he was acting as if his skin was crawling. He wanted to be held but didn't want to be touched. I finally got him back in bed about 2:30 only to be up again at 4:00. He went back to sleep pretty quickly that time but he woke at 4:25 screaming again. Brian and I were exhasted and Colin slept right through it. I swear that boy can sleep through anything. So I took Gavin to the doctor yesterday and they said he still had 2 ear infections but also had bronchitis. Like I said, poor baby. So he's home today again, so far, so good. No fever and he's acting better. He still hasn't gone to school a full week since he started. His caugh still sounds bad. But he's obviously feeling better. That's all that matters.

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