Monday, October 31, 2011

Pillow case dresses

Well I didn't have girls only stinky boys, so I didn't get to make cute frilly stuff for my kiddos. But my brother had a girl (yeah!), so I got to make some pillow case dresses for her 2nd birthday.

I picked up some pillowcases from Goodwill throughout the year.

Here was my first dress:

I had to redo the hem of this pillowcase because it had some weird foldover hem. I realize that kinda defeats the purpose of buying pillowcases to make these dresses (Not having to do the hem), but I didn't know until after I bought the pillowcase. I liked it well enough but I decided to add some embelishments to the rest.

Pink and white flowers with lace:

I added coordinated lace that I already had in my stash to the bottom of this one. After I made this one, I decided to add bias tape to the armholes. It was too much of PITA to fold down the hem for the armholes.

White and green gingham:

I added some buttons and flowers to the bottom of this one and white bias tape around the armholes.

I bought a set of pillowcases for the next 2 dresses, but I embellished them differently for 2 different looks.

Purple with purple polka dots:

I made a purple ruffle out of bias tape for this one and added a bright lime green pattern to it with my sewing machine. I liked how it turned out, but it took FOREVER to do, LOL. I also added purple bias tape to the arm holes.

Green and Purple with polka dots:

I added coordinated lace and bias tape to this one. The colors matched each other better than the picture shows, but it was not a perfect match. I think it looked quirky but cute.

I LOVED making these. Since I have a new niece I hope I get to make more of these soon.

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