Monday, October 31, 2011

Jello Shots - Fancy Style

I can't believe I forgot to post this on my blog .

Okay, I'm going to start off this post by stating I don't really do alcohol, so its weird to be posting about jello shots of all things. But I found this really cool link on instructables for jello shots without the mess and posted in on my facebook. Long story short my brother in law asked me to make some for the adults at his party this weekend (combination of his annual crawfish party and high daughter's high school graduation). I asked if he was sure and he said yes. Well I thought he wanted me to make some similar to what was in the instructable (found out later he just wanted jello shots, he wasn't specific).

My husband and I made these together. We had a lot of fun with them and would have made more but we ran out of time and places to put them in our refrigerator.

Anyway here is how they turned out:

Limes are lime jello with tequila - funny story my husband had to ask one of my neighbor's for a cup of tequila when we were putting these together
Oranges are orange jello with orange rum
Lemons are lemon jello with Absolut Citron (lemon flavored vodka)
Strawberries are strawberry jello with creme de banana
Watermelons are watermelon jello with Absolut Kurant (black currant flavored vodka) in a cucumber shell

Some of it stacked in the frig:

These 2 cake pans held all of the lemons, limes and oranges after we had cut them. We had several more pans holding the strawberry and the watermelon jello shots.

Here is what the watermelon jello shots looked like before we cut them.

Hints and Tips - if you decide to do this:
+ The watermelon cucumber is neat looking but if they got too warm, they sweat and the jello would not stay in place, so keep them very, very cool.
+ Use a very sharp knife when cutting the wedges, or like we did, an electric knife.
+ When preparing citrus, cut from stem to blossom end to cut the fruit in half. Then peel the fruit out to clean out the shell. With limes, you may also have to cut the white line in the middle then turn the fruit inside out to get it out. Limes were a PITA and I won't do them again, unless specifically asked.
+ Don't cut off too much of the bottom of the strawberries. Strawberries are hollow and the jello will just pour through if there is a hole. If you find this happened to you, pour some of your extra jello (if you have any) into a different container and after it has set, you can use that to stuff the strawberries. Its not as pretty but it beats wasting a strawberry after you prepped it.

Additional ideas:
+ Our original idea for the watermelon jello was to use chunks of watermelon and create a cup, but we didn't have a small tool to carve out a cup for the jello. So we would have had to cut the chunks too big for bite size.
+ Apples could be hollowed out into a bowl shape like the citrus and filled with jello. We were going to do this and fill them with cranberry jello, but we ran out of time and space. We even bought caramel with the idea of dipping some of the apples too.
+ We bought a pineapple to do similar to what we were going to do with the watermelon. But after that didn't work, we didn't bother.
Really the skies the limits with this idea.
+ Instead of cold water use ice to get the right amount of cold liquid, to keep the potency of the alcohol when the hot water is added.

Here is the original instructable:
We didn't really look at the recipes on this instructable. I think my husband found some recipes somewhere else. But we did get the idea from here.

This would also be cute without the alcohol for kids parties. My sister in law asked me to make some for my nephew's birthday that he could enjoy. He was pretty disappointed that he couldn't have any of these because they were for adults only, LOL. And yes, they were well guarded from underaged revelers.

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