Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crocheted Heart Sucker Covers/Cozies

I needed something to make the kiddos' classes and teachers for Valentine's Day celebration (or as their schools call them "Friendship Parties"). I racked my brain and finally decided to write a pattern a heart pattern. I crocheted 2 hearts and then stitched them together, leaving a large hole in the top so the sucker could slide in and a small hole in the bottom so the stick could come out. I let my 10 year old pick the colors that he wanted out of my yarn stash. I made them out of cheap ole' Red Heart Yarn.

Picture of all of them together:



These next 2 are made from the same varigated yarn with totally different looks. Of course we had to have some "MANLY" boy hearts, LOL.

Green, this is my son's favorite color, so we had to make some green hearts, LOL:

And last but not least a close up of the multi colored pink and red. This was the closest I had in my available stash to pink. I have boys and never needed pink cheap yarn, LOL:

I also made plain red and white hearts as well. Red crochet never photographs well for me and I forgot to take pictures of the white, but you can see them in the group shot well enough. They were a hit. I gave some to Speech teachers, Piano teachers and doctors before I took pictures, so I made more than what was pictured. They were pretty well received.

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