Monday, October 19, 2009

Best laid plans...

Well I had grand plans to make 2 giant paper mache pumpkins for the front yard for this year's Halloween. The weather had other plans unfortunately. I have to make the pumpkins outside (because of the mess) and its just been too rainy. Oh well. I have a whole year to make pumpkins now, LOL. I have the shapes started, I need to add more layers to the forms the do the delicate work. On a plus note, we finally found our camera this weekend Woo Hoo!!!

I'll try to get a picture of this year's inside Halloween display up in the next few days. I haven't made anything new this year but I'll still put up the pictures. I did get the inside decorated. I only had 2 props leak from beoing packed and moved, it only added to the character of the bottles. So I think using shampoo and liquid soaps as the liquid for the bottles was a roaring success.

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