Monday, June 5, 2017

Specialty Dice Bags

Here some of the specialty dice bags that I have done and can do again.


Wookie, I have an open mouth and closed mouth design.:

Still on the embroidery machine with the stabilizer still on it:


Severed Goblin Heads  2 styles, with and without the bloody neck stump:

Monster bag with teeth and tongue, this was a custom for someone but it turned out soo cute:

And an original design that I like to call My Furry Friends:

The Tardis:

Origami bags.  These bags are reversible.  When you reverse it, the flap will be on the inside.  Depending on how I sew them, the pockets could be on the inside or the outside:

Round multi pocket bags either with our without ruffle.  Or as I like to say, with a ruffle or a pucker.  The ruffled bag holds less than the puckered bag.  The inside circle on the ruffle is smaller and there is more fabric on the edge.

 Puckered Bag:

  Ruffled Bag:

If you have any questions or you would like a custom, email me at

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