Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teacher's gifts - shopping bags

I made a ton of singlet style shopping bags for my sons' teachers, aides, etc. for the end of the year. My oldest only needed 2 but my youngest has so many teachers, aides and others helping him that I just made a bunch and didn't put names on them and asked the teacher to distribute them to whomever helped my son out, that way they could pick what colors they wanted, LOL. I know that's not the way you usually give out gifts, but it worked for us. he got tons of enthusiastic thank you notes. Since it was summer time, I decided to use up some of my summer fabric stash to make these.




I actually pulled out a stack of fabric that had enough to make bags and let my sons pick which fabrics they liked best to make the bags out of. So they had a hand in picking out the gifts


laurakam said...

great idea...thanks for sharing. Are the bags lined? is the patern avaiable on craftster?

BlueCherryFaerie said...

The bags are lined. There is an excellent tutorial on craftster.
They make great gifts and are wonderful to carry around since they fold up into the pocket, they are easy to carry around.

Hurricane Carla said...

You are really getting good at making those. Do they take you long to make now?