Monday, December 7, 2009

Halloween Costumes 2009

Well I cheated all around this year. I didn't make anyone's costumes new this year. My husband went as a doctor, so we had him in scrubs (we didn't get a picture of him). I went as a goth/steampunk/witch something, LOL. I made my skirts last year and forgot to post a picture of them. The corset and blouse I bought. The spider necklace is silver and brass and something I made in college. It came together nicely but I didn't accessorize like I wanted to (I wanted to make a gun holster for a ray gun and make some gauntlets or something similar, oh well). Anyway, here I am....


The boys decided they wanted bought costumes this year. Funny story behind that, I was trying to get my youngest to buy a cheaper costume with nothing that would go on his head or face (in the past, he wouldn't wear them since he is autistic and couldn't stand the feel of them on him). Well as we were leaving the costume isle he latched on to the swamp monster costume and would not leave without it. By this time I had my oldest convinced to pick a cheaper costume too, but when the youngest picked the more expensive swamp monster costume, I had to let them both have more expensive costumes to be fair, LOL. Anyway, to make sure that my youngest would actually wear the costume on Halloween night, I wanted them to try them on but we had to eat dinner first. Well he decided dinner could wait and started stripping at the table, LOL. He wore that costume (mask, gloves, feet and all) almost until bed time. Guess he proved me wrong, I was sure he wouldn't wear it. Anyway, I had to share it. Its not anything I made, but I couldn't resist showing it.


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