Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some of the Crafts I've been doing lately

This isn't everything, but since my camera broke, I've had to take some of them with my camera phone. I'm not terribly impressed with the results of it all. Anyway here they are.

Brianna's Birthday present:
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I made her a purse out of the prettiest corduroy fabric. I found the fabric at Goodwill for a dollar. Can't beat that. I had the butterfly fabric and thought it was a perfect combination. I made her the purse, a personal tissue holder, a coin purse, a wallet and another drawstring bag. I also made some woven barretts. I've made a ton of these woven barretts lately and given them out as gifts to various people.

Valentine's men:
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These are bendy dolls that I made for my oldest son's classmates. He gave them out for Valentine's Day. Sorry the picture is so crummy. They really did turn out cute.

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I made these for someone on a forum I'm on. She wanted 2 of the acrons I've made but she wanted them in green. I think they turned out great.

I'll try to get pics of some of the other stuff I've been making soon. Hopefully my camera will come back from Kodiak soon.

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